Our Partners

We believe prescription drug misuse is a community problem and requires a community solution. Below are the private and public organizations that have partnered with Use Only As Directed in the effort to end prescription drug misuse. We invite all businesses, organizations, and community leaders to join the Use Only As Directed initiative to solve this community problem.


Bear River Health Department

The Bear River Health Department is the local substance abuse authority for Cache, Rich, and Box Elder counties. Our mission is threefold: preventing and controlling disease and disability; protecting the individual, community, and environment; and promoting, maintaining, and improving healthy lifestyles. The Bear River Health Department provides substance abuse prevention services to the citizens of these three counties through school-based programs, family interventions, environmental strategies, and community partnerships. Bear River’s prevention staff utilizes the Strategic Prevention Framework to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate effective prevention strategies to decrease risk and increase protection to ultimately reduce alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse and misuse across all ages. 

Heber Valley Counseling Center

Heber Valley Counseling provides mental health, substance abuse and prevention services for Wasatch County.  The prevention team provides substance abuse prevention services through school-based programs, community events and campaigns, environmental strategies and interventions with local courts.  Our staff supports the statewide Prescription Drug Campaign by providing resources to our county residents that educate them about the problems associated with prescription drug abuse and solutions to improve our community.

Midvale United

Midvale United is a coalition in Salt Lake County that is addressing the misuse and abuse of prescription narcotics.

Neighborhoods United

Neighborhoods United is a coalition in Salt Lake County that is addressing the misuse and abuse of prescription narcotics.

Northeastern Counseling Center

Northeastern Counseling Center provides mental health, substance abuse treatment and prevention services for Duchesne, Uintah and Daggett counties.  Our prevention team is ready to provide prevention presentations, highlighting prescription drugs, along with other prevention presentations.  All prevention presentations are available to local schools, churches, businesses and other organizations.

Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County has three coalitions that are addressing the misuse and abuse of prescription narcotics.They are: Communities United, which encompasses the Northwest section of Salt Lake City, Midvale United and the South Salt Lake Safe and Drug-free Coalition.These coalitions are involved in the following activities which support the Use Only as Directed campaign:

  • Participation in Take-Back Events – both the ones that are organized by DEQ as well as events that are sponsored by local communities. Collected drugs are sorted so data on narcotics, other prescription drugs and OTC are available. 
  • Educational and Awareness Efforts 
    • Distribution of Use Only As Directed materials to a variety of individuals and during a variety of events. 
    • Education of Coalition members and community members on the dangers of abuse and misuse.
    • Planning is underway for a series of physician trainings. 
    • Presentations at Salt Lake County Aging facilities and other community groups.
    • Magnets with a SUDS/ Use Only As Directed messages have been printed and distributed.
  • A research-based study has been approved by the State and University of Utah IRBs to evaluate the effectiveness of different types of lock boxes.

SMART (Substance Misuse and Abuse Reduction Team)

SMART (Substance Misuse and Abuse Reduction Team) is a drug prevention coalition with 45 volunteers founded in 2008.  Our mission is to  prevent teen Rx pain pill and alcohol abuse.   SMART is housed with the Utah County Department of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment.

Summit Valley Mental Health

The Summit Unit of Valley Mental Health is a behavioral healthcare provider for Summit County residents. It specializes in mental health, substance abuse and prevention services. The Prevention Team supports the Prescription Drug Campaign by providing resources to the community about the harmful effects of prescription abuse and the proven skills to prevent it.

The Medicine Abuse Project.


Tooele Valley Mental Health

Tooele Valley Mental Health provides prevention and education services and programs based on the Risk and Protective Factor model, and best practices developed by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. We aim to identify risks for substance abuse and violence, and develop resiliency through healthy life skills. Our prevention programs address specific needs of communities through school- and family-based approaches.

Utah Council for Crime Prevention

The Utah Council for Crime Prevention is an enthusiastic supporter of the UseOnlyAsDirected.org campaign. UCCP has used these popular prevention ads and collateral to engage students as part of its annual Power of Prevention conference. We are grateful to the campaign for providing another arrow in the quiver that supports prevention, and trust that these messages have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of Utah families.

Utah Department of Commerce

With responsibility for issuing over 300,000 licenses and regulating hundreds of industries, the Department of Commerce is one of Utahs chief regulatory agencies. Our employees are dedicated to fair and efficient regulation across a variety of industries which impact Utahs citizens. Commerce supports the fight against prescription drug abuse in Utah through its partnership in public education campaigns to highlight statewide drug take back days. In addition, our Department houses the Controlled Substance Database which reports controlled substance prescriptions across Utah to aid law enforcement and medical professionals in tracking drug abuse and "doctor shopping" behavior among patients.www.commerce.utah.gov

Utah Department of Environmental Quality

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) established the "Proper Medication Disposal Program" in 2007 to provide a safe and legal alternative to flushing medications. While the environmental impacts from medications are still being investigated, and no laws have been established to regulate pharmaceuticals in the effluent of waste water treatment plants, DEQ felt it was wise to educate the public about this issue and promote pollution prevention by proper disposal (medicationdisposal.utah.gov).

Utah Department of Health

The Utah Department of Health's Prescription Pain Medication Program has a goal of reducing deaths and other harm due to prescription pain medication. The primary role that UDOH fulfills for the Use Only As Directed campaign is to conduct research on prescription drug deaths and other harm. The sources of data used in research include: Medical Examiner records, Death Certificate records, Emergency Department records, Controlled Substances Database records, as well as some data collected specifically for this project.


The Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health are key players in Utah's plan to eliminate prescription drug miuse. The Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health is the state agency responsible for ensuring that prevention and treatment services for substance abuse and mental health are available statewide. If you, a friend, or family member is struggling with a mental health problem or a problem with prescription medication, alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, there is help available. Hope and recovery are possible.

Utah Poison Control Center (UPCC)

The Utah Poison Control Center (UPCC) is a 24-hour free and confidential emergency hotline for poisoning treatment advice and consultation. The UPCC has been involved with the Use Only As Directed campaign as a technical consultant; and as such, has developed a pharmacist continuing education program focused on safe use, safe storage, and safe disposal. We support this campaign in an effort to reduce unintentional poisoning injuries and deaths.

Weber Human Services

Weber Human Services provides prevention services to the residents of Weber and Morgan counties.  We utilize a variety of strategies that have been proven to prevent and reduce substance abuse. We support the statewide prescription drug campaign “Use Only As Directed” by educating our local citizens about the safe use, storage and disposal of medications.  We also work with physicians and pharmacists and provide medication drop-off boxes and take-back events.